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Helping jobseekers successfully find work and prepare for careers is at the heart of the work of Greater Milwaukee Urban League. Our Employment programs provide a variety of services to help individuals prepare for and find jobs that will improve their futures. Our Technology Assistance Center provides support and access to technology that erases the digital divide and helps prepare individuals successfully compete in the workforce.

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General and Subsidized Employment

Starting a job search can be difficult when job seekers don’t know where to start. That’s where Greater Milwaukee Urban League’s general employment services and subsidized employment services step in to help.

Specialized Training

Some of Milwaukee’s top employers work with Greater Milwaukee Urban League and trust us to find new workers interested in developing careers that lead to sustainable jobs.

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Transportation Assistance

Getting to a job is an important part of getting a job. Greater Milwaukee Urban League transportation assistance programs can help you get to where you need to go.

Technology Assistance Center

Closing the digital divide is key to helping communities grow and individuals explore new opportunities. The Greater Milwaukee Urban League Technology Assistance Center steps in to fill the gap with equipment and training that helps individuals learn new skills and discover new possibilities.

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