Advocacy is our newest program area. We are making a difference through our leadership in several programs areas including efforts to increase homeownership rates in African-American communities and improve health outcomes. GMUL continues our successful Get Out The Vote effort, which reached thousands of Milwaukee area residents and provided important information on voter rights and voting access in 2020.

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Good health is critical to success in school, at work, and in life. That’s why GMUL has added this important area to our advocacy work. 

Homeownership is not only a way for families to build wealth. It strengthens communities and provides stability that is important to the success of young people in school and life.

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The right to vote was a hard-won civil rights battle. Insuring Milwaukeeans have access to information on how to vote and where to vote is important to make sure every citizen has access to the ballot box. That’s the focus of GMUL’s nonpartisan Get Out The Vote project.