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General and Subsidized Employment

Everyone needs help to get ahead, and GMUL’s General and Subsidized Employment opportunities are here to provide the support needed for employment success. A variety of programs meet individuals where they are as they seek employment, and our staff help develop a roadmap to employment success.

General employment services offer several supports including assessment, coaching, and individual follow-up with GMUL staff. Individuals may also receive support through trainings, job readiness assessments, and job placement. The focus is on career exploration and creating ways for individuals to develop stability and sustainability through their employment search. 


Our subsidized training program includes Transform Milwaukee Jobs. Transform Milwaukee Jobs helps individuals who have difficulty entering and succeeding in the workforce due to poor work histories or incarceration. Participants learn the skills needed to become valued and permanent employees when they complete the program with local employers. 

Get more information by emailing Brandy Carson, Employment Services Manager, at

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