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  The Education & Training Department provides workshops in High Schools and Community Based Organizations that promote and encourage students to attend and complete college. The workshops are extracted from the department's College Prep Curriculum. Strategies discussed during the workshops help students identify the purpose, preparation and process necessary to make the transition from high school to college. The ultimate goal is for students to attend and complete college. This will lay the foundation for them to find gainful employment and successful careers.

The Milwaukee Urban League was a partner in the Campaign for African American Achievement (CAAA) with the Lilly Foundation for 5 years. Our Education & Training Department implements the "Campaign for African American Achievement" (CAAA) program.

The "Campaign for African American Achievement" (CAAA) is a mobilization and advocacy initiative aimed at organizing our community to improve public schools and advance the academic and social development of our young people.

The goal of the "Campaign for African American Achievement" is to contribute to the academic growth and social development of African American students, and other students of color, by raising awareness in communities of color that Achievement Matters. This allows for the transformation of parents into sophisticated consumers of quality education and an increased demand for quality education.

The Milwaukee Urban League also has a 23-year history of providing a linkage between the community and health services/resources. Through our Annual Health & Resource Fair for community residents, we focus our efforts to improve access to health care and our vision is that health disparities will be eliminated or narrowed.

Approximately 66% of those who attend the Fair come from zip codes where unemployment and poverty rates are high. Many of the Fair participants are uninsured and therefore use the hospital emergency room as their primary care physician. The Fair offers immunizations and other health screenings (blood pressure, kidney, glaucoma, HIV, glucose and physicals) all free of charge to the public. The Fair is the result of an on-going collaboration between the League, health care providers, community organizations, agencies, and sponsors to help improve the quality of life of persons with the greatest health risks by helping bridge the gap between those who are most in need of medical attention and those with the capacity the provide it. The range of attendance at the Fair is 800- 1100 participants.

The goal of the Fair is three-fold:
  1. To provide medical screenings
  2. To offer up-to - date health information
  3. Provide medical referrals when needed
The focus is to improve access to health care and the vision is that health disparities will be eliminated.  


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