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Dr. Eve M. Hall Named One of Milwaukee's Top Power Brokers

Eve M. Hall, Ph.D, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Milwaukee Urban League, has been named one of the 2023 Milwaukee area’s Top 25 Power Brokers by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

At the helm of the GMUL, Dr. Hall leads the organization’s programs in education and employment that open doors to opportunities that give individuals and families the chance to improve their lives and their community. The GMUL’s advocacy and civic engagement efforts tackle serious issues impacting the community and seek partnerships and solutions to successfully address them.

Dr. Hall also serves the community in other roles. She is the chair of the Visit Milwaukee Board of Directors. Visit Milwaukee is a convention and visitors bureau providing information on premier events, hotel accommodations, transportation, restaurants and fun activities in the Milwaukee area.

With Dr. Hall as chair, Visit Milwaukee helped the city to be selected to host the 2024 Republican National Convention. Visit Milwaukee also recently led the formation of the Milwaukee Theater District.

“What is a power broker? These are the people who others turn to when they need to get something done, whether it's a business deal, community project or raising money for a great cause,” said Mark Kass, editor of the Milwaukee Business Journal.

To view a slideshow of the 2023 Top 25 Power Brokers in Milwaukee, visit

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