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A Toonpur Ka Superrhero Full Movie Download




It is a remake of the 2010 Tamil film Aayutha Ezhuthu. Plot This is a story of a group of kids who decided to become superheroes and save the city from the villains. Raju (Ajay) is a simple, jolly and childish guy who meets with a unique adventure in life. He lives in a middle class family in an apartment complex in Delhi where his father works as a security guard. His mother works as a housewife in their home. A girl called Pranav (Esha Gupta) comes to live in the apartment complex where Raju lives. She is a rich girl and comes from a rich family and she is blind. She belongs to an affluent family and lives in a very large house with her parents and her servants. One day Pranav sees Raju playing his tricks, dancing and singing. She sees him dancing at a movie and falls in love with him. They become good friends and have a strong bond of friendship. Soon Raju begins to pay more attention to her than to his parents and his friends. One day Pranav comes to Raju's house and talks about herself in front of his parents and they get angry with her. Pranav is shocked and wonders why everyone hates her. She begins to spend more time with Raju and they fall in love. Pranav is staying in an isolated house in a large garden. She is scared to go home after she noticed a huge bird which has a huge face and can fly with a huge stick. One day Raju goes to the house to bring Pranav some flowers. Raju goes there but doesn't find Pranav there. Pranav is missing for one whole month. Raju finds Pranav's letter and calls her mobile number, but it goes to voicemail. Raju gets worried and Pranav's family comes to Delhi and they bring Pranav home. Raju visits her. Pranav's parents ask Raju to leave and they come back home. Pranav's father says that he can't say whether Raju is going to be a good influence on Pranav. Pranav's father says that she is his daughter and she must learn to live with them. Pranav's father says that she might need to take a leave of absence from college. Raju's mother says that he must talk to his father. Raju's father says that he doesn't want Pran




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A Toonpur Ka Superrhero Full Movie Download
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