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Metcalfe Park Home Homeownership

The Greater Milwaukee Urban League, in partnership with Acts Housing, Alliant Capital, the City of Milwaukee, the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development, Gorman & Co., U.S. Bank, and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Alliance (WHEDA), celebrated homeownership in Metcalfe Park on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society/Museum.

This historic and multi-year collaboration has led to two families becoming first-time homeowners, transitioning from renting their homes to owning them, enabling them to build generational wealth. There are 28 more families who will become first-time homeowners as part of this work.

Attendees of the event included:

Sara Rodriguez, MSN, MPH, RN, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Wisconsin;• Cavalier Johnson, Mayor of the City of Milwaukee;• Dr. Eve M. Hall, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Milwaukee Urban League;• Michael Gosman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Acts Housing;• Ted Matkom, Wisconsin Market President of Gorman & Co.;• Elmer Moore Jr., Chief Executive Officer of WHEDA;• Sodi Nichols, Vice President of National Strategic Markets and Affordable Lending for U.S. Bank;• New Metcalfe Park homeowner Melody Jones; and• Russell W. Stamper II, Alderman of the 15th District of Milwaukee.

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