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Greater Milwaukee Urban League honors equity work

The Greater Milwaukee Urban League's annual Equal Opportunity luncheon was held at the Pfister Hotel.

Posted at 5:27 PM, Feb 19, 2024

and last updated 5:57 PM, Feb 19, 2024

MILWAUKEE — The Greater Milwaukee Urban League was founded in 1919, and in those 105 years, they've played a major role in civic engagement, employment, and education making a huge impact on the city and those who live here.

Today, the GMUL held their annual Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon at the Pfister Hotel to honor local community leaders and organizations. TMJ4's Andrea Williams was at the special event that's been going on for over 60 years.

During the luncheon, prominent voices in the community explained what equity meant to each of them:

"Equity means everyone gets what they need"—Amy Hanneman, Northwestern Mutual

"To be heard and having a voice at the table."—Alma Velez, PEARLS for Teen Girls

"Equity means that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and succeed." —Nick Trulg, Greater Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals

"Equity to me means access, resources, and lots of it.—Brandy Riley, Riley Design Studio

"Equity means a fair playing field. It means diversity, inclusion, and making sure everyone has equal access."—Jon Janowski, Neighborhood House of Milwaukee

Those honored at Monday's luncheon included former TMJ4 News anchor Carole Meekins and former TMJ4 photojournalist Clayborn Benson. They displayed a commitment to making a difference from philanthropy to community impact in the greater Milwaukee area.

"The focus is to remind everyone of the importance of equity and equality and, may I add, access and opportunities. We recognize organizations, businesses, and individuals whose work reflects those type of values," said Dr. Eve Hall, President and CEO of the Greater Milwaukee Urban League.

Safe & Sound is a Milwaukee based organization with a mission to unite residents, law enforcement, and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods. Bridget Whitaker is the Executive Director of Safe & Sound.

"We are so appreciative of being recognized for being one of many partners that are invested in what it means to create safe neighborhoods across the city of Milwaukee," said Whitaker.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson and County Executive David Crowley were also in attendance along with John Daniels, Jr. who received the highest honor bestowed by the Urban League, the Whitney M. Young Award.

Following the luncheon, the GMUL launched a special program in partnership with Meijer and the Latino Chamber of Commerce of SE Wisconsin, to help local entrepreneurs move their products to retail shelves.

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