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Keeping our roads safe for everyone

Traffic accidents killed 77 people in Milwaukee last year. That’s ten more deaths than in 2021. Reckless driving caused some of those accidents. The Milwaukee Police Department wrote hundreds of tickets last year for drivers going at least 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.  


With our partner TMJ4 News, Greater Milwaukee Urban League is working to make sure this generation of drivers knows the rules of the road, keeping themselves and others safer. The GMUL Road Ready program helps drivers 15-17 years-old earn a driver’s license permit and take a pledge against reckless driving. There is no cost to students for the class.  

Driver’s Ed is not offered in many schools, and many students cannot afford lessons with private companies that cost $400 or more. Working with TMJ4News, GMUL is raising funds to help more students participate in the Road Ready program and put safer drivers on the road. 


Learn more about the Road Ready program and watch some of the TMJ4 News stories about the young people learning to drive safely. Please click on the donate button below and help keep our roads safer for everyone. 

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