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  The Employment Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP serves a wide range of employers and job seekers. Employers in various industries in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas regularly recruit Urban League clients to fill job openings. Job seekers include entry level, skilled, unskilled, and professionals seeking employment in various fields and disciplines. EAP's services vary according to the needs of the clients, i.e., those with limited work histories and educational training are assessed and provided assistance in accessing education alternatives, pre-employment skills training, and ultimately employment. Skilled job seekers and professionals with work histories and advanced degrees are linked with employers or networks to enhance their search options.

Other EAP services include:
  • Driver's License Assessment Program
  • Job Connection Career Fairs
  • Customer Service and Sales Training

Driver's License Assessment Program
The Driver's License Assessment Program was launched after identifying the lack of valid driver's licenses prevented many people from getting to a job. In partnership with the Milwaukee County Municipal Court System and with other local agencies, participants with a revoked or suspended driver's license and are experiencing employment barriers receive individual case management counseling, a reinstatement plan and an opportunity to regain driving privileges to improve employability skills thereby increasing financial growth.

With a fresh start, employment opportunities are widened and career advancement choices can be explored. The program also promotes knowledge about the power of a valid driver's license and the importance of maintaining a valid driver's license.

The Driver's License Assessment Program assist:
  • Clients with a suspended or revoked Wisconsin driver's license-suspended due to outstanding Milwaukee Municipal court fines
  • Clients in need of individual case evaluation
  • Clients willing to fulfill a reinstatement plan to regain his/her driving privileges


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