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The Employment Assistance Program (EAP)
Since its inception, MUL's Employment Assistance program has developed a solid track record of helping unemployed, and underemployed, African Americans and others find employment and career opportunities that pay family-supporting wages and improve the quality of their lives.

Job seekers include entry level, skilled, unskilled and professionals seeking employment in various fields and disciplines. EAP services vary according to the needs of each client. Those with limited work histories and educational training are assessed and provided assistance in accessing educational alternatives and pre-employment skills training. One-on-one case management with an Employment Specialist takes place and includes completing a job readiness evaluation survey that assesses the client's experience and barriers to employment as well as enables them to develop an employment plan with goals and timelines. The Employment Specialists also assist the clients in enhancing and developing their abilities to prepare their resume', master interviewing skills, upgrade their computer skills and learn appropriate business etiquette. Skilled job seekers and professionals with work histories and advanced degrees, on the other hand, are directly linked with employers or networks to enhance their job search options. All participants in the Employment Assistance program have daily access to the MUL computer lab to complete online employment applications as well as set up an e-mail address for employment seeking activities.

Through partnerships with small businesses and corporations, the Employment Assistance program participates in several area career/job fairs where our clients are linked with employers for possible employment opportunities. MUL also conducts customized job fairs that pre-screen prospective applicants when requested by employers.

Lastly, because the lack of a valid driver's license prevents many clients from getting a job, participants in the Employment Assistance program are also provided opportunities to obtain or reinstate their driver's license or permit through a partnership MUL has with the Driver's License Recovery Program and Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. Through this partnership, the program assists clients who have suspended or revoked licenses due to outstanding municipal court fines, clients in need of individual case evaluation and clients willing to fulfill a reinstatement plan in regaining his/her driving privileges. The program also promotes knowledge about the power and the importance of maintaining a valid driver's license. With this fresh start, employment opportunities are widened and career advancement choices can be explored.



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