Empowering Communities • Changing Lives

President's Messsage

As we look back at this past year, it is significant to note that 2005 marked the 86th Anniversary of the Milwaukee Urban League (MUL). After three years as President and CEO, I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization with such a long, rich history. Since its inception in 1919, MUL has provided greatly needed services for the African American community.

While we are proud of our past and present accomplishments, we cannot end the struggle for economic and social equality - because many disparities still exist in our community. In 2004, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a series titled "Separate But Still Unequal," which clearly showed the gaps that remain in the African American community - gaps in education, employment, wealth and health care.

Although the MUL is concerned about all of the issues that have an impact on African Americans, and other people of color, we will focus our efforts on three important areas: education, employment and economic development.

Given the dismal high school graduation rate for African American students, we will continue our Campaign for African American Achievement with an emphasis on college readiness. This will enable us to get more of our young people to understand the value and importance of getting a good education.

With the high levels of unemployment in our community, especially among African American men, we will continue to work with job seekers and employers to help people find, and keep, family supporting jobs.

In regard to economic development, we want to work on generating and creating wealth in the African American community. A number of strategies can, and should, be used to accomplish this goal. However, I am excited about our new Franchise Initiative, which is designed to help increase the number of businesses owned by African Americans and other minorities. Business ownership will not only generate wealth, it will also increase the number of jobs in the community as well.

Therefore, as we reflect on the past, work on the present, and prepare for the future, I ask for your continued support as we endeavor to "empower our community and change lives."



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